A Short story by a highly commended writer Viswanatha Satyanarayana

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Viswanatha Satyanarayana (1895-1976), was the first Telugu writer to receive the Jnanapeeth award, the highest honor conferred by the government of India on writers. More

Friends forever (story)

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What is the secret of great friendship? What prompts one to become so fond of another is a question I could never find answer for, could never understand.
I saunter along the river, a tributary of the river Trinity, which runs by my apartment complex. I watch the tiny ripples weaving through the wind, taking clues from its direction. More

Color of Skin

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(Note: The story illustrates the difference in the perception of skin color in the two cultures—Indian and American. For Indians, dark skin is a matter of looks. In America however it carries various levels of cultural and historical significance.  – Malathi)

It is Sunday. Neelaveni is bored. Color of skin—a play being shown in town, she recalls. More

All this, Just for You! (story)

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Snowstorm has been blasting away for a while now! Trees and cars on the street are barely visible.Dharani is sitting by the window and watching the blast. “Thank goodness it is Sunday,” she told herself for the fourth time. Or else, More


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 On a quiet evening Gopala Rao was walking slowly lost in his own thoughts. His wife Sumitra was walking behind him as if she was tracing the steps around the sacred fire on her wedding day. More

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Most of my books are available in e-Book format on www.archive.org and my Telugu blog,
www.tethulika.wordpress.com. More

thulika.net – My visit to India


In August 2009, I went to India and met with several writers, and attended several literary events. Two new books of mine have been released. More

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