Magical Realism in the stories of Munipalle Raju garu

My article on the magical realism in the stories of Sri Munipalle Raju garu has been published on

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Man and the role he plays

Man is not the role he plays on TV or the public image he creates thereof.

It is sad Bill Cosby has learned nothing from his portrayal of a noble character, let alone teach others.

He now says it was consensual. Pathetic!

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South Indian coffee – a stretch!

In South India, in traditional hotels, coffee is served in a steel dish and cup, very hot. Usually, the server, brings it to the table and serves it like this –


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Criminal mind debate is annoying!!

Why people keep debating the psyche of criminals? Don’t they see that these adults had not been taught human values and the value of the life of the other person in their childhood?

Start with children. Teach them to respect others.

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Information super highway

Brain overflows

Hearty empties.

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Surveys from business ridiculous!

Businesses need to review the way they do surveys.

I wanted to make a call to India from U.S. I chatted with two reps on Thursday and Friday to find out about the charges. Both said my plan allows me to make calls and gave me the rates. I tried 5 times. Each time I got a recorded message, which said I was calling a “restricted code.” I called the TWC billing dept, on Monday, and was told that my plan “does not allow international calling.”
Why did the reps in chat tell me differently?
Also, I have two suggestions to TWC (actually applies to all businesses)
1. Don’t get on survey until the problem is resolved, if at all.
2. Ask the right questions – not whether the rep is polite, professional, etc. The right question would be whether the problem has been resolved if all and to my satisfaction.



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Baltimore mother!

Those who blame the mother for smacking her son need to take a look at the circumstances.

It was extremely charged situation, the young man has a brick and was participating in the riot.

We don’t know if the mother had said, “Let’s go home.” But what are the odds, if the mother calmly told him to go home.

She did not smack him because he was black but because he was her son and worried he could be shot any moment.

I wish the media shows what exactly happened before that little video so famously being played. That would be good journalism!

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