No Kidding Marketing!

I always tell myself, before heading shopping, “Don’t go for the show! This is one instance where package does not matter.”

Yet, once set foot in the shop, the package and the look take over. Then this is what happens.

Take a good look at the first pic.

Now, do you want to count the chocolate chips in the pic below

one chipSee what I mean. In shopping, the looks certainly do not matter :(


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Are you listening?


If somebody says, “don’t listen everybody else,” will you listen to that advice?

If you take that advice, aren’t you listening to his or her advice?

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Define husband, wife

Lately I have been hearing gay/lesbian couples referring to their partners as husband or wife as the case may be.

My question is, how the terms are defined within the context of current trends as in the case of how a husband treats his is wife or vice versa?


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Weird sense of humor!?

You sit down with a hearty sumptuous meal and turn on the TV. Can you enjoy your food watching a constipation/diarrhea commercial?

Or, when I sit down to watch an episode about how a killer’s mind works. A commercial promoting sex life plays on the TV. Guess who I want to kill!



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The Native Element in Telugu stories By Nidadavolu Malathi.

­­We read stories from other countries—Russian, Chinese, Japanese, African—and learn about their culture. Some stories tell us we are not different. Continue reading

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Nookalu received a post card. She knew where it came from. Continue reading

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(Part III of four-part series)

Most assumptions are based on how we look¸ what we say and what we don’t do. Continue reading

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