Nobody is perfect!

So, let’s celebrate. All Perfect Day!

Let’s try to be perfect just for one day!

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All day news!

Do you watch the all-day news channels?

If you don’t look at the screen, you won’t even know what time of the day it is!

The same news over and over and over, and again, just from different lips. Hm.

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I am not sure why scouring garbage bins to make a socal statement is called freeganism, defined as free veganism. I mean those who scour items from garbage bins are not exclusively vegans, from what I understand!

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I too am India’s daughter!

I was walking on the sidewalk, saw a dog not on leash. I stepped on to the street and continued to walk.

The dog’s owner said, “It’s okay.”

I shook my head in disbelief and kept walking.

He added, “He is not a bad boy.”

“I am not bad either,” I said. I heard a big laugh from behind as I kept walking.

The dog was not leash, which was against the law. On the other hand, I had the right to walk on the street.

I am thinking why the documentary is called “India’s daughter” if it intended to depict his side of the story?



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My Brother, My Guardian Angel by By Avasarala Ramakrishna Rao (Review)

The novel, sampengalu, sannajaajulu, originally published in 1965, is a heartwarming story about a woman’s personal growth Continue reading

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No Kidding Marketing!

I always tell myself, before heading shopping, “Don’t go for the show! This is one instance where package does not matter.”

Yet, once set foot in the shop, the package and the look take over. Then this is what happens.

Take a good look at the first pic.

Now, do you want to count the chocolate chips in the pic below

one chipSee what I mean. In shopping, the looks certainly do not matter :(


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Are you listening?


If somebody says, “don’t listen everybody else,” will you listen to that advice?

If you take that advice, aren’t you listening to his or her advice?

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